As the digital content editor for your team, I’ll use the lasers I have in place of eyeballs* to make your work

*Just kidding, I have normal human eyes. I’m just really good at spotting errors and details.

You know who loves that?

(And clients too.)

Let’s break it down:

  1. Use me as your team’s editor.
  2. Deliver solid-gold, A+ work.
  3. Make users happy.
  4. Win more business.
How does this work?
Send me anything user- or client-facing, and I’ll scan it with the ol’ eagle peepers for all this important stuff:

Typical human error 

Conflicts with existing content

Consistency of brand tone & style

Clarity & brevity of language

Design snafus: Font/color/alignment, etc.

Basically, I’m the eye in the sky on your project: I see the big picture and the tiny details all at once.
Does that sound cool but seem a little vague? Check out my portfolio or get in touch below.

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Who am I, anyway?

Killian Piraro

  • Keeper of the Style Guide
  • Anticipator of Gotchas
  • Order-Bringer to Chaos
  • Resident of Austin
I know, I talk a big game, but on top of my decade-plus as an editor and proofreader, I’ve got agency experience and UX/UI design training. I doubled as a front-end dev for the Citi marketing team at SapientRazorfish and served as the design editor for Medium. So not only can I hold forth about serial commas, but I also know how deliverables are created and what can go wrong with them.

In any project, there’s a tangle of loose ends to keep track of and countless opportunities for human error to trip you up. Let my detail-obsessed brain take care of that stuff for you.

Here are some nice things my colleagues have said about me behind my back:

“The impact of Killian joining our team cannot be overstated. She was brought in as a proofreader but added in so many other ways. She has quickly shown herself not just to be capable and strong, but also a leader helping other team members do better in their roles. We need more Killians at the company.”

— Troy Kooper, ACD @ SapientRazorfish

“Killian is a breath of fresh air into any project. The result of having her sharp eyes scan through and edit my copy is a more personal and engaging tone of voice. She’s proactive without being pushy, something I wish I’d see in more freelancers.”

— Anton Sten, independent UX lead designer

“Patient, precise, and laser-focused...has caught so many little oversights (even in Spanish) that I wonder how many tiny errors made it out before.”

— Joe Wagner, lead designer @ SapientRazorfish

“Killian is a huge help to the marketing team. She has saved us from sending over issues [to the client] multiple times and has changed our team for the better.”

— Amanda Fonseca, project manager @ SapientRazorfish

“Killian is extremely valuable to the team not only from an accuracy perspective...but she has the ability to anticipate next steps, mitigate risk and provide valuable recommendations.”

— Michelle Loeper, project manager @ SapientRazorfish

“Always ready to do what needs to be done to deliver great results...even if it requires sitting down and going over stuff again and again. Her skills always help our team shine because she always catches every mistake and kindly offers help if needed.”

— Alena Ilchenko, designer @ SapientRazorfish

Let’s chat! I’m nice.
I’m looking for teams, big or small, to build relationships with. I’d love to help you deliver your best work.

I can send you samples of my work, tell you more about my editing superpowers, or we can just talk about which type of dog is the best.* 
Thank you! I’ll get back to you ASAP!
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*Spoiler: They’re all the best.